Want to save money on your kitchen renovation? This is the article for you.

Kitchen renovations can be costly, but what if you could actually save money? Here, we’ll provide you with all the tips and tricks you need from planning advice to where to buy quality fixtures.

We’ll also touch on where to go when you need professional advice you can trust.

How to Be Saving Money on Your Kitchen Renovation

There are several ways in which you can potentially save yourself some money on your kitchen renovation, without compromising on the quality or integrity of your design. Here, we’ll discuss some of the most popular ways to cut costs:

Work Out Your Priorities

Getting your ideal kitchen doesn’t always have to equal a full kitchen remodel. Sometimes, you can achieve your dream look simply by replacing your backsplash, updating tiles or even just installing new cabinet handles.

Work out your priorities and go from there. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Your existing footprint may be perfectly fine, but it’s just the look that needs a general refresh. By doing this, you have the potential to save yourself not only money, but time as well.

Plan Your Kitchen

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times. Planning your kitchen remodel is integral, but it’s not just about deciding where the cabinets will go, how many you will have, or if you have room for that brand new fridge you’ve been eyeing off.

Planning your kitchen, estimating costs and sticking to your design will allow you to see your fiscal expenditure on paper and plan your budget accordingly.

Designing for practicality, rather than aesthetic will also help you focus your funds where they should be, and keep a little money in reserve.


Even in times of financial difficulty, budget is not a word many people like. But when organising a kitchen renovation – and ensuring you don’t overspend – you need a budget you can stick to.

Avoid DIY Projects

As tempting as it may be to DIY projects in order to save money, it’s not always the best option.

In our experience, it’s best to talk to the professionals when it comes to kitchen remodels and avoid unnecessary delays or budget blowouts when things inevitably go wrong.

Shop for Contractors

Contractors and tradespeople are often where home owners see their money dwindle. As such, it’s important that when you’re doing your kitchen renovation, you shop around for contractors who complete quality work without breaking the bank.

Have a Little Leeway

Sometimes, things don’t go according to plan, and it’s never more true than in renovations.

Where possible, be flexible. Especially when ordering from an overseas supplier, you might find that there’s a delay in shipping or you can’t get that luxury sink you’ve been eyeing off on Pintrest.

Chances are there’s always an alternative, which may even work better than your original choice.

And it’s not just availability of stock you need to be lenient about. Often, construction projects go over time or have some form of a delay so try not to be hard and fast about deadlines if you’ve got a little time up your sleeve.

Choose a Lasting Trend

When planning your dream kitchen, you’re probably going to look to magazines and TV shows or even the internet for inspiration. But, one thing you should take into account when following a trend or incorporating elements of a trend into your design is longevity.

As much as you love the minimalist design now, will you really love it in the next six months or even three years?

Make the Most of Storage

Storage is key in a kitchen, whether you think you need it or not. The more space you have available, and the more creative ways you take advantage of said space, the more functional your kitchen will be.

Invest Where You Have to, Save Where You Can

This point ties in a little with prioritising what’s important but is worth its own mention.

One of the areas where you’re most likely to spend money is on the cabinets and on the appliances, so if you can save money on other areas, you should take the opportunity.

Resale Value

If the home you’re living in is going to be your forever home, resale value might not be something you need to consider. But if you’re flipping for profit or planning on moving in the next five years (or sooner), it is definitely something you should take into account.

Where to Go for Professional Advice and Cost-Effective Solutions

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