Bathroom Fans, Lights, Air Cons & Hot Water Delivered Brisbane & Australia-Wide

Need something extra for the bathroom? We have it all when it comes to bathroom lighting:

  • bathroom led lights,
  • bathroom halogen lights,
  • bathroom heat lights &
  • bathroom vanity lights.

When it comes to hot water standard electric storage hot water systems & instant gas hot water systems designed to deliver all of the hot water you need when you need it.

With hot water & lighting taken care of you may need some bathroom exhausts or bathroom ceiling fans to get rid of all of the steam. All of these bathroom accessories can be delivered to your home, wherever you live, we deliver all across Australia. Take advantage of our current air conditioner offer, ask in-store or online for more details.

Feeling the heat elsewhere in the house? Then talk to us about 1HP & 3HP air conditioners.