Designing the Perfect Laundry Layout for Efficiency

Looking for the perfect laundry room layout?

In this article, we’ll discuss how to prepare an efficient laundry room design, small laundry solutions and our laundry room organisation tips. We’ll also touch on when to contact the experienced team at BDW for assistance.

Our Tips for Laundry Room Organisation

The key to an efficient laundry room design or laundry layout lies in efficiency. After all, while the laundry should be a comfortable space to use, it’s not necessarily a place you want to relax in and spend hours.

Here is some advice on laundry room organisation and how to maximise space in your laundry room.

Divide the Room Into Tasks

Let’s start with the basics. If you want an efficient laundry room design, the best thing to do is to divide it into the tasks you need to complete. For instance, you should have a space for:

– washing
– drying
– sorting
– folding

Depending on the space you have available, you may also want to have an ironing section, with a pop out ironing board so you can complete all these tasks as you go, in the one room.

Choose the Appropriate Paint Colour

You may not think so, but choosing the appropriate paint colour for your laundry is particularly important. If you’re looking for a small laundry solution that works, one of the things we recommend is to choose a lighter or neutral paint colour.

You don’t want to feel hemmed in by the space, which can get overcrowded if designed inefficiently, and paint colour can make a significant difference.

Get Organised

Organisation is the key to efficiency. Our biggest tip is to take out what you don’t need. Sure, some laundries have all the bells and whistles, but at the end of the day the laundry is about functionality.

If you don’t need the latest fangled dryer to complement your washing machine, or a space to iron your handkerchiefs, don’t put one in. Use a linen press or other external cupboard to store your extra towels and blankets and save space in your efficient laundry room layout.

Let in Air & Light

Ventilation and light are key in any wet room and that’s especially the case with an efficient laundry room design. The last thing you want is for the smell of wet towels to permeate the rest of your home as soon as the washing machine finishes its cycle, nor do you want to be unable to see when preparing your dark and white loads.

If for whatever reason you’re unable to have windows in your laundry room organisation, install an exhaust fan and downlights as an alternative small laundry solution.

Save Where You Can

While you want your efficient laundry room design to be aesthetically pleasing, there is the opportunity to save money in terms of what you put in the space. For instance, you want your appliances to be high quality and to look good, but it doesn’t necessarily need to be the most expensive in the range.

As long as it’s functional, durable and will help you get your work done as efficiently as possible, you’re good to go.

Keep Appliances Together

We’ve already touched upon dividing your room into appropriate spaces to break up tasks wherever possible, so this one might go without saying. But for the sake of this article, we recommend keeping your appliances together. The last thing you want to do is have your dryer at one end and your washing machine at the other; that is definitely not efficient laundry room design.

How Builders Discount Warehouse Can Help

Need help designing the perfect laundry room layout or advice with small laundry solutions? We can help!

At Builders Discount Warehouse, we have a variety of sinks, tiles and appliances to take your design to the next level. Our qualified, experienced team members are some of the best in the business and can help make your kitchen renovation as smooth as possible.

When you need help with your efficient laundry room design or small laundry solutions you can trust, contact the experts at BDW today.