Tips for purchasing kitchens online

Online shopping has quickly become mainstream. People now, more than ever, will go online and compare goods from the comfort of their own homes. At BDW, we offer a quick and easy way to get kitchen renovations projects started almost immediately. You can buy your complete kitchen online from the cabinets to the kitchen sink. Many people have a few questions. We’ve compiled the most common ones and added the answers.

When looking for customised options

When you’re renovating your kitchen or laundry, you don’t want more headaches added to the job by making modifications and adjustments to cabinetry onsite. Modular cabinetry lets you create something that perfectly fits your space as there are a range of sizes available in each cabinet design. If you have gaps left over, we offer filler panels in the same finish to block the space up. Just remember to check over all your measurements thoroughly, multiple times, before placing your order to ensure the cabinets will fit once they all arrive.

Choose quality materials

You need to make sure you research the materials that your cabinetry and its doors are manufactured from. Since you are ordering online, this means that you can allow yourself a little extra time to research a good quality product. Look for Highly Moisture Resistant (HMR) materials, an obvious choice since kitchens have wet areas. BDW’s range of cabinetry features high quality HMR board covered in a 2pac paint finish, topped off with a 10 year warranty.

Apply this approach to choosing sinks, tapware, fittings and fixtures. Metal, plastic and ceramic are the most common materials that, when combined, give you an almost limitless range of final finishes. Whatever you choose, don’t rush.

Check delivery times

There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering cabinets online to discover that you will not receive your order for weeks or sometimes months. Ensure that you find out how long your order will take to plan your renovation timeline around the final delivery date.

Choose BDW to buy your kitchen online for your next renovation project

At BDW, you can buy kitchen cabinets, kitchen sinks – everything you need to renovate a kitchen completely. We have talented designers that can help you through the process to ensure you get the kitchen of your dreams.