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Getting Your Kitchen Ready For Installing Your Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

The middle of the year always seems to come up sooner than expected, and many people have started DIY projects they wanted to get done.

One of the most common DIY projects is the kitchen. If you are updating a kitchen, then you will (at some stage) consider already assembled kitchen cabinets. Now is the perfect time to capitalise on the lockdown momentum.

BDW is here to fill you in on getting your kitchen ready for some already assembled kitchen cabinets for DIY kitchen renovations. You can buy assembled kitchen cabinets online from the BDW online store, we have a huge range of kitchen cabinets for sale, which is constantly being updated.

Take stock of what you have & what you need

Assess your current kitchen layout and make notes of what you need to make your new kitchen attractive and functional. Ask yourself some simple questions:

Do you need some overhead cabinets for more room?
Do you need to change an inconvenient layout?
Do you have sufficient bench space?

Think about your daily needs and take some measurements to better understand what you need to get or change.

Form follows function

Once you’ve narrowed down your needs, start looking around at different types and styles of assembled kitchen cabinets to see if there are any designs and layouts that you like the look of. It’s not just about looks – make sure you take a closer look and make sure the cabinets are functional and of good enough quality to up to daily use. Examine the colour range, finishes and fittings on offer.

Sizing – modular sizing vs custom sizing

When it comes to already assembled kitchen cabinets, you’ll also need to decide whether you want to purchase modular or customised units. Modular cabinets are generally [more] budget-friendly. It’s essential that you are aware of the fact that they need to fit the kitchen perfectly. You may need to hire a tradie to alter your cabinets to complete the project. The customised approach is a lot more straightforward – simply collect some measurements, and the cabinets will be made to these specifications.

Most People Choose Assembled Kitchen Cabinets

Some people simply thrive on the challenge that comes with self-assembly; others would rather spend their time doing other things. If you are the latter, you can always make things simpler for yourself by looking at companies that also offer an assembled on-site option. The cabinets are already put together for you, then everything simply slots into place.

Choose BDW for your flat pack kitchen cabinets

At BDW, you can purchase assembled kitchen cabinets online. We have a team of talented sales, support and designers that can help you through the process of putting together the kitchen of your dreams.