Everything you need to know about stone bathtubs

Are you looking at new bathtubs? Maybe you want a fresh new look for your bathroom with a freestanding stone bath. Stone bathtubs are considered to be a fantastic option if you’re looking to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom with a statement freestanding bath. In this article, we’ll answer some of the more frequently asked questions about these bathtubs.

Is using a stone freestanding bath in my renovation a new idea?

Having a stone freestanding bath in your bathroom may seem like a modern, inventive way to add a touch of luxury to your bathroom redesign, but the fact is, stone bathtubs have been used all over the world for thousands upon thousands of years. The earliest use dates back to ancient Egypt in 2500 BC.

Why choose a stone freestanding bath over a more traditional range of acrylic or fibreglass bathtubs?

Bathtubs made of stone aren’t just about luxury and looking good. They’re also very practical. Research has indicated that a stone freestanding bath is a lot more durable than standard bathtubs. If a stone freestanding bath becomes chipped or scuffed, you can sand back the stone to repair it and the bath will look as good as new.

A stone freestanding bath will also retain the heat for a lot longer than regular bathtubs as it’s more insulated.

How are stone baths made?

A stone freestanding bath will be made using a combination of natural stone and mineral resin. Generally, the bathtubs are custom-made when you order so you have more freedom of choice regarding the finishes, size and style of your freestanding bath.

Are stone bathtubs heavy?

Unfortunately, a stone freestanding bath is quite heavy. A freestanding bath can range anywhere between 75 to 200 kilos, depending on the type of bathtubs you’re considering, and the type of stone used.

Are stone bathtubs considered high maintenance?

Stone bathtubs can be considered a lot more high maintenance when compared to other freestanding options on the market but a lot of customers prefer the luxury option.

Can I use stone freestanding bathtubs in apartment complexes?

There is nothing to say that you cannot use a stone freestanding bath in your apartment or the apartments in your complex. However, due to the weight of stone bathtubs, they will require more fortification, particularly around building joists.

If you’re renting a property, or intending to install a stone freestanding bath in an apartment you own, it’s best to check your building plans and even consult a professional beforehand.

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