Butler’s pantries are all the rage at the moment, and a necessity for many Australian families, but do you need one?

In this article, we’ll go through all the things you should consider when deciding if you need a butler’s pantry, whether it’s right for you, what you should be including, if the space adds or subtracts value, and where to turn for expert assistance.

Do You Really Need a Butler’s Pantry?

The butler’s pantry is commonly seen as an extension to your kitchen. But it’s not always necessary for everyone. Before you start designing your butler’s pantry, one of the very first things you should ask yourself is whether you actually need a butler’s pantry.

For instance, if it’s just you living on your own in your home, a butler’s pantry might be excessive. But if you’re a family of six fast running out of room, it might be a worthwhile addition.

Why Do People Have Butler’s Pantries?

Honestly, the reasons why people have butler’s pantries and how they effectively use their butler’s pantry are innumerable. This is because a butler’s pantry – as an addition to your kitchen – can be used however you want to use it.

Some of the most common reasons you might consider installing a butler’s pantry in your home are:

  • to separate the cooking and preparation areas from your main kitchen
  • to store small appliances, or other appliances you mightn’t use often
  • additional food storage
  • a space for washing up

What Should Your Butler’s Pantry Have?

What your butler’s pantry has in it will often depend on how you intend to use your butler’s pantry. Some things you might like to include in your butler’s pantry are:

  • Shelving and cupboards
  • Sink
  • Dishwasher
  • Fridge
  • Door
  • Microwave or convection oven
  • Oven
  • Coffee machine
  • Small appliances

Does a Butler’s Pantry Add Value to Your Home?

This is something of a tricky question to answer as there’s often two schools of thought as to whether a butler’s pantry adds value to your home.

While most experts and designers promote the addition of a butler’s pantry – with some even suggesting it can add thousands of dollars to your potential resale – there are others who steer clear.

This is because of the additional cost involved in building a butler’s pantry in your home, the potential space you may take away from your main kitchen and the planning involved in the project overall.

But ultimately, it’s up to you, your personal preference and what you and your family need for your kitchen/dining room area.

Where to Go for Assistance with Butler’s Pantries

If you want your butler’s pantry to be equipped with the latest design features without breaking the bank, or need help planning your dream butler’s pantry, contact our team at Builders Discount Warehouse.

To get started with your butler’s pantry, call our expert team today or come in store for a design consultation.


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