Dreaming of an entertainer’s kitchen but don’t know where to start? This is the article for you.

Here we’ll focus on what an entertainer’s kitchen is and features you might like to include in your space. We’ll also talk about what to do when you’re ready to start renovating and where to go for design assistance.

Features of an Entertainer’s Kitchen

There are so many features and considerations you need to make in order to design the ultimate entertainer’s kitchen. In this section, we’ll go through some of the most important, and how you can incorporate them into your own plans.


More than any other kitchen design, entertainer’s kitchens invite your guests into your home and to spend time in the space. So, you need to make the space as welcoming as possible.

Whether it’s following the latest Pinterest or Tiktok trend or designing something completely unique to you, choosing your preferred aesthetic is an important step.


An entertainer’s kitchen means space. Whether it’s space to spread out while hosting a cocktail night, or space to prepare your meal while enjoying the company of your guests, it’s a key element of your kitchen design


Traditionally speaking, a residential kitchen focuses on a “triangle layout”. This has changed slightly over the years, but mostly the principle is the same. Ideally, there should only be a few steps between everything you need to do: cooking, preparation and cleaning etc.

An entertainer’s kitchen is different. Sinks and cooktops, for instance, are usually not on the island. Or, if they are, they only take up a certain part of the island.

Every task has its own particular zone and everything is its specific space to make it as functional as possible, while also inviting your guests in to engage with you.

Large Island

Islands are increasingly becoming more popular in kitchens generally. But if you want to take your kitchen to the next level and turn it into an entertainer’s paradise, you need to go big.

A larger island allows for increased storage as well as allowing your guests to congregate in or around the kitchen without getting in the way of your actual cooking process.

Extra Seating

Extra seating is a great inclusion if you want to create an entertainer’s kitchen both you and your friends will love to hang out in. Take advantage of your maximalist island and add some seating, so everyone is comfortable.

Inside/Outside Living

When designed correctly, an entertainer’s kitchen has an open layout and makes the most of inside/outside living. To achieve this, keep the thoroughfare between inside and outside relatively clear, so everything flows seamlessly.

Butler’s Pantry & Storage

Having your high class glass ware and cheese platter on display for your rendez-vous, but the washing up and dirty dishes kind of kill your vibe. For the ultimate entertainer’s kitchen, consider installing a butler’s pantry.

Size Appropriate Appliances

Do you have a big family gathering at Christmas where you need to cook mountains of food to last you days (if not weeks)? If so, you might want to consider leaving room to install double ovens to make your cooking or baking time as efficient as possible.

Maybe you want a massive fridge in which to store all those leftovers? The choice is yours.


Does your lighting plan lend itself to creating the right ambiance at your next party? This is particularly an important consideration if you want an entertainer’s kitchen.

Beverage Station

Keep your guests hydrated without having people traipse in and out of your preparation space with a beverage station. You might like to go all out and make a fully alcoholic bar, or just have soft drinks, coffee and tea. Either way, the extra space is beneficial, even when your party has died down.

Make Durable, Low Maintenance Choices

Everyone loves a party, but no one we know loves cleaning. When choosing your materials, from countertops to back splashes and beyond, consider something that is durable and low maintenance. There are so many options on the market, we’re sure you’ll find something to suit any taste.

What to Do When You’re Ready to Start Designing

Even the best laid plans need guidance, especially when it comes to kitchen design for entertainers. Get expert advice and solutions from our qualified team members at Builders Discount Warehouse, as well as access to the best materials and appliances on the market.

Let us help design your entertainer’s kitchen. Contact the team today for assistance.