Your Complete Guide to Compact Bathtubs

Are you renovating your bathroom and considering compact bathtubs? A compact bath or compact freestanding bath may be the answer if you’re short on space. Read on for your complete guide to what to look for in the best compact bathtubs, and things you need to consider when installing a corner or freestanding compact bath in your bathroom.

Why should you consider a compact bath when short on space in a renovated bathroom?

When short on space in a renovated or new bathroom, you no longer have to choose between having a bath, installing a shower or opting for the bath/shower combination. You can have both by choosing to install a compact bath or freestanding compact bath.

Why are a lot of people choosing compact bathtubs or a freestanding compact bath over your traditional bathtub/shower combination?

Recently, renovators are opting for a compact bath instead of compromising with a bathtub/shower combination or doing away with the bath completely because of the wide range of compact bathtubs now available on the market. These days, there is a compact bath or compact freestanding bath to suit a bathroom of any style or size. This is particularly the case when looking at a corner compact bath or smaller compact freestanding bath.

What’s the difference between a corner compact bath and a compact freestanding bath?

Corner compact bathtubs are designed to fit into the corners of your bathroom. They’re space-saving because they take up less room than your traditional long bathtub, but still afford you the relaxation and luxury of a more standard bath.
A corner compact bath generally has that smaller, almost spa-like shape so it can mould to the corners of your bathroom. You can get a more rounded look, square compact bathtubs or a rectangular shape, depending on the size and design of your bathroom.

With a compact freestanding bath, the sky’s the limit when it comes to choices. Not only do you have the choice of installing a luxury bathtub that isn’t relegated to a corner, the type and size of compact bathtubs you have is also completely up to you. Some of the most popular options for the inclusion of a freestanding compact bath include:
Small designer rounded compact bathtubs
Upright Japanese-style bath – inspired by the country who influenced the trend
Modern compact freestanding bath

Is choosing a corner compact bath a compact freestanding bath a good option for re-sale?

Whether you choose to go with a corner compact bath or compact freestanding bath, both are good when looking at selling your home after completing renovations.
Sometimes, bathrooms without a bath can look a little sparse, so the installation of a compact bath or compact freestanding bath can be a great way of including a bath in your wet areas without encroaching on the bathroom space-wise.

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