Bathroom Design Trends That You’ll Love

Transform your bath into a restful retreat from a busy world, we’ve put together some bathroom design trends we love for you to think about when it’s time to redesign. As a leading supplier of all things bathroom, we have no shortage of bathtubs, tiles, vanity units, fittings and fixtures… Essentially everything you need to completely overhaul any bathroom.

Wood-Look Tiles and Heated Flooring

Porcelain and ceramic continue to be popular in bathrooms thanks to their versatility. Ceramic and porcelain tile offers an array of unique benefits, such as durability, hypoallergenic characteristics, resistance to moisture and bacteria, easiness to maintain and clean, along with a wide assortment of stylish patterns, colours, and sizes to choose from.

Ceramic and porcelain tiles that mimic natural hardwood finishes and high-contrast marbles, can now be bought These nature-inspired looks are in line with an emerging organic style that has gained traction in both kitchens and baths over the years. For these colder times, heated floors are available, adding an extra spa-like feel to a bathroom.

Warm Colors and Durable Paint

A fresh coat of paint in a warm hue is the easiest way to freshen up your bathroom. The top colours that we like add a vibrant and warm feeling to the bathroom, this ideal mix for the bathroom, where you start and end your busy day.

Look into some new durable paints to help your bathroom stay cleaner for longer. There have been some advancements in making paints more hygienic, stain-resistant, and able to withstand heavy, constant cleaning that has been a requirement over the pandemic.

These advancements have also made it possible for hard-wearing paints to be made available in multiple finishes so that you no longer need to compromise on the look you want.

Bathtubs To Relax In

People have an increased desire for rest and relaxation, making soaking bathtubs a top bathroom. Current bath styles and trends favour freestanding, flat-bottom tubs that are more popular than bath decoration such as clawfoot bathtubs or more decorative style bases. Simple bathtub design, especially in white, works well in any style of bath.

A separate tub and shower is still a very popular bathroom layout, and showers are starting to get larger. That’s not to say bathtubs are not being lost in this trend – instead, people are looking to do a lot more done in less space by installing small bathtubs as a smaller-size bath doesn’t require as much time to fill or need as much water. Small bath design an ideal solution for the Australian climate, so consider some small bath ideas as you explore bathroom design concepts.

Medicine Cabinets And Back-Lit Mirrors

If you want to install mirrors during a \ bathroom renovation, consider choosing a lighted model. Backlit mirrors and medicine cabinets are a great choice for any bathroom design project. They offer soft ambient lighting without any glare or reflections on the mirror surface with the added benefit of doubling as a nightlight when fitted with a dimmer.

Manufactured in basic, simple shapes, eye-catching lighting they can be totally functional as well as decorative. A backlit mirror creates a glowing effect on the wall, this can give an illusion of a floating mirror. Make use of this effect to create a focal point as you put together some concepts on your next bathroom design project.

Large Format Wall Tiles

Incorporating mosaic is a common feature of many bathroom designs, if you’re looking for something different then try large format tiles. This style of tile can make a big impact on your space. Large-format tiles lend an air of luxury, particularly when paired with natural stone and stone-look materials. Fewer grout lines also mean less to clean, making slabs an especially hot choice for shower surrounds.

In addition to large tiles and slab wall coverings, nontraditional subway tiles offered in various sizes, colours, textures, and finishes are bathroom design trends. Specifically, expect to see vertically and horizontally stacked linear tiles for a fashionable minimalist appearance.

Floating Vanities

Although the clean lines of a floating vanity unit are typically lean and contemporary, the space-saving storage solution has more customisation options than ever before, with sinks, faucets, and hardware to fit any style. Wall-mount bathroom vanities come in an array of configurations, from a complete design incorporating a countertop, sink and storage base to something simpler like just a storage unit all the way to completely separate units and pieces.

You can use storage cabinets on the wall vertically or horizontally, open or closed, higher or lower, your imagination is the only limit to what configuration you choose. A wall-hung vanity can look clean and airy as opposed to a big heavy box dumped on the floor. Regardless of your set-up, floating vanities can make it easier to thoroughly clean the bathroom floor.

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