Planning a bathroom renovation and haven’t thought of a corner bathtub? Our experts will take you through all the perks.

When designing a bathroom – regardless of size – corner bathtubs are so beneficial. In this article we’ll take you through all those benefits and provide you with information about how the Builders Discount Warehouse team can help you choose the right corner bathtub.

What Are Corner Bathtubs?

Let’s start at the beginning: what are corner bathtubs?

Well, the answer is simple enough as corner bathtubs pretty much do what they say they will. They are bathtubs that have been designed specifically to fit into the corners of your bathroom.

Advantages of Corner Bathtubs

As mentioned earlier, there are numerous advantages to incorporating a corner bathtub into your new renovation design. Here we’ll take you through some of the most popular reasons our clients opt for them.

Design Variety

Despite the fact that corner bathtubs are designed to fit into corners, you’re not limited in terms of colour, shape and material. Just like any other type of bath on the market, there are a variety of options available – especially when you work with us – to suit your preferred design aesthetic.


No matter how big or small your bathroom is, everyone wants to make the most of what they have available. While corner bathrooms are very useful for smaller spaces, they also help maximise your space in bigger bathrooms, giving you a more luxurious feel.


Corner baths were made for comfort. They mould to your shape and are the ultimate bath to choose when you want to relax after a hard day at work.


Almost all bathtubs are made with durability in mind and this is particularly the case of corner bathtubs. Our corner bathtubs are made with materials that are reinforced and made to last, while also looking great. And unlike other bathtubs on the market, they will not lose their shape over time.

Relaxation & Optional Extras

Baths are made for relaxation and this is definitely the case when it comes to corner bathtubs. Not only does research suggest that temperature control and regulation is better in a corner bath, they also have a number of optional extras (including, but not limited to):

Massage jets
– Room for two or more people
Additional shelving (for candles, books etc)


While this might not necessarily fit into the relaxing vibe we’ve created with our previous advantages, one of the advantages of corner baths is that they don’t have that awkward gap at the back that you sometimes get with other baths.
And if anything falls in the bath, it is easier to reach due to the bath’s shape/size. This makes it a more child-friendly option for many families.

Bonus points: if you opt for a jetted tub, you may find your children are intrigued and less likely to make a mess with cups and toys. Of course, we can’t guarantee this, but you’ve got to look for the silver lining somewhere, right?


Some corner baths are also customisable and adaptable to your needs. In our experience it has been relatively easy to turn corner baths into shower-bathtub combinations, which increases the longevity of your choice when undertaking the initial renovation.

How Builders Discount Warehouse Can Help You Choose The Right Corner Bathtub

At Builders Discount Warehouse, our specialist team members are experts in both designing bathrooms and helping you choose the right corner bathtub for your renovation.

By working closely with manufacturers worldwide, we’re able to provide you with access to a variety of options to suit almost any home, without breaking the budget.

Explore our range of corner bathtubs or find out more about how you can incorporate them into your design by getting in touch with our experts today.