2024 Bathroom Trends For Your Renovation

Is 2024 the year you finally renovate your bathroom? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

The focus of this article will be on the trends in bathroom renovation for 2024, what’s on its way out, whether following trends is important and how Builders Discount Warehouse can help you achieve your dream bathroom.

What’s Trending in 2024 for Bathrooms?

So you’ve decided 2024 is the time for your bathroom renovation. But where do you start? Here we’ll discuss some of the major trends we’re seeing in 2024 bathroom renovation, what you can incorporate into your own design and how to go about it.

Spa Like Features

The bathroom has always been a place for functionality over form but in 2024, there’s nothing to stop you making it a retreat. Think about incorporating all those little luxurious features that will make your bathroom a sanctuary, a place where you can truly escape from the humdrum of daily life. Consider:

– rainfall showerheads
– jetted bathtubs
– neutral colours
– built in seats in shower

Separate Toilets

There was once a time when installing a toilet in your bathroom was a necessity – all the celebrity designers said so. But in 2024, that’s simply not the case. Water closets (i.e. rooms for just the toilet and perhaps a sink) are making a comeback.

Are you sick of being interrupted in the bath or shower when a family member wants to use the loo? Do you want to think about your significant other on the toilet while you’re trying to unwind after a hard day’s work? This may be the perfect work-around!

Storage & Lighting

No matter how many of these articles we write, designers will always emphasise the importance of storage and lighting year after year. Current trends encourage:

– the return of the medicine cabinet/shaving cabinet
– face level storage
– mood lighting
– task or accent lighting
– under cabinet lighting
– bathtubs with built in shelving or seating
– reducing clutter with the addition of baskets or hooks

Eco-Friendly, Sustainable Features

Whether you want to bring the outside in, make your bathroom into a spa or simply are looking for something a little different, there are plenty of ways you can incorporate eco-friendly sustainable features into your bathroom renovation.

It can be something as simple as having a plant in your bathroom, opting for a timber vanity or even something basic like changing your shower head and tapware to a choice that assists with water conservation.

Smart Technology

Smart technology is everywhere and the bathroom doesn’t miss out. If you want your renovation to incorporate the latest tech, think about installing speakers, having a smart toilet or even underfloor heating.

Embrace Creativity & Texture

Along with neutral and earthy tones, we’re also seeing the rise of more creative colours in bathrooms like burgundy or plum. While accent walls are decreasing in popularity, the gallery wall is something that a lot of designers are leaning towards.

Just like the kitchen, texture is also the thing of 2024. Think about:
– textured or artistic tiles
– marble or quartz (or good imitations)
– fluted glass
– rustic wood
– large format tiles for reduced groutlines
– patterned tiles for a vibrant look

Space Saving Solutions

Wall mounted sinks or floating vanities are a great solution if you’re working with a smaller bathroom, but still want to make a statement. This will free up space in your bathroom and allow you to move around easily without bumping into things or swap out the decor as your tastes change over time.

Renovating for Longevity

We’re all getting older and while showers over baths mightn’t necessarily be “cancelled”, designers are encouraging renovators to think about how you will use your bathroom in years to come.

With the cost of living on the rise, you may only be able to afford to renovate your bathroom once. As such, doorless showers or those with a reduced step, along with special inclusions like under cabinet lighting and backlit mirrors may be something to think about for when your vision and mobility starts to fade.

Trends: How Important Are They?

Remember that trends are constantly changing and everyone’s taste is different. If you’re not sure of a trend or certain features don’t suit the style you’re going for, you’re under no obligation to incorporate it into your design.

This is your bathroom renovation and what you include (or don’t include) needs to suit your family’s tastes and needs.

How Builders Discount Warehouse Can Help

Renovating a bathroom can be a stressful, costly endeavour. But it doesn’t have to be.

At Builders Discount Warehouse, we have a team of experienced designers ready and waiting to assist you with all your renovation needs, and fully stocked showrooms with the latest and greatest sinks, vanities, bathtubs and shower options for you to choose from, at prices you can afford.

Ready to start your 2024 bathroom renovation project? Get in touch with our experts at Builders Discount Warehouse today.